Heritage Society

The Blue Grass Trust Heritage Society consists of individuals whose estates include gifts, revocable or irrevocable, to the Trust. Their patronage enables the Trust to continue its mission of education, service, and advocacy. Please consider including the Trust in your estate planning and join the growing number of those whose legacies will benefit the Trust. We cannot thank the Heritage Society members enough for their generosity.

Heritage Society Members, Past & Present

  • Dr. and Mrs. Gayle V. Alexander

  • Ms. Jane Hamilton Blachly

  • Mrs. Hazel Bush

  • Linda Carroll

  • Ms. Rose Jewell Collier

  • Mr. and Mrs.Richard DeCamp

  • Dr. and Mrs. Elvis Donaldson, Jr.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Floyd

  • Mr. and Mrs. John Hackworth

  • Ms. Liz Harper

  • Mrs. Gail Hendrickson Hart

  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hulette

  • Ms. Norma Jean Gibson

  • Mr. Charles Jones

  • Mr. and Mrs. William Johnston

  • Mrs. Zee Faulkner Kurfees

  • Mr. Jim McKeighen III

  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Milward

  • Mr. Tom Moore

  • Dr. and Mrs. William N. Offutt IV

  • Mr. and Mrs. H. Foster Pettit

  • Mr. W. Gay Reading

  • Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Rowland

  • Mr. Jeff Ritzler

  • Mr. David Stuart

  • Prof. and Mrs. John R. Thelin

  • Ms. Joyce Vanlandingham

  • Mr. and Mrs. Arlyn Wagner

  • Mr. E.M. "Jack" Webster

  • Mrs. Vivian M. Weil

  • Mr. and Mrs. William T. Young, Jr.

About The Heritage Society

The Heritage Society is a special group of individuals who have made a commitment to the future of the Blue Grass Trust for Historic Preservation by naming the Trust as a beneficiary in their wills or estate plans. All too often, such gifts have gone unrecognized because they came at the end of the donors’ lives. The Heritage Society has been created to honor these individuals now for their support. 

Becoming a Member
Simply notify a member of the Trust staff or Board of Directors either verbally or in writing that you have made a provision for the Trust in your will or estate plan. A copy of the document section naming the Trust is helpful but not always necessary. Bequests must be in the form of cash, real estate, personal property, life insurance, securities or trust. Members of the Heritage Society will be recognized in Trust publications as well as periodic events held in their honor.

Please contact the Trust office for more information, (859) 253-0362.