Two delicious lineups of four 10 minute talk, presented by Jon Carloftis Fine Gardens, and hosted by Jon Carloftis and Janice Carter Levitch, The Voice - Tribune of Louisville columnist, from BGT Trusted Experts on 4 Exciting Subjects at 4 pm on Friday and Saturday. ($40 p/p, per day, reservations required includes Daily Show Ticket & Quickfire Seminar, Cash Bar ). Here’s what you have to look forward to:

2018 Cocktails & Quickfire

2018 Cocktails & Quickfire


Sponsored by Maker’s Mark


Breathe New Life Into Treasured Family Heirlooms

Chenault Van Winkle James

Chenault will show us how to breathe new life into treasured family heirlooms with a clever way of displaying them as artwork on your walls. She will demonstrate that displaying traditional elements that have a story with modern pieces creates a balance that is meaningful and personal.

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Fast and Fabulous: How to Enjoy Entertaining

Ann Evans 

Be prepared to have your anxiety lessened as easy recipes, entertaining ideas and last minute "go-to's"  become second nature. Make company, comfort and cuisine a pleasure… not pressure! Former Executive Director of the Governor's Mansion and current Executive Adviser for the Office of the Attorney General, Ann Evans will offer her very special take on how to relax into entertaining. 


Discover the Hottest New Floral Trends

Flowers by Marnie & Jenny

Marnie Clay Holoubek and Jenny Owens will introduce their favorite garden roses, new design techniques and the hottest new products. These fashionable tips will inspire you to create a stunning and stylish floral centerpiece of your own.

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Come on Over to the Crafty Side

Brady Barlow

Co-Founder, West Sixth Brewing


Sponsored by Bulleit Distilling Co.


Creating an elegant yet inviting table with minimal angst and lots of fun!

Angela Beck

After years spent traveling, exploring and creating, Angela returned home eager to share the kaleidoscopic designs she discovered during her journeys and founded Pomegranate Inc. in the spring of 1995. Angela continues to be inspired by the world around her and the warmth that comes from living, entertaining and creating.


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How to Create a Home That Reads Like a Portrait

David M. Bazner

Interior designer David Bazner believes in homes that visually reflect the people who live in them. For his Cocktails and Quickfire seminar he shows you how to create a space that reads like a self-portrait stocked with style. Join him on an informative journey packed with design history and a few easy tips and tricks that'll have you styling a house into something that's nothing but uniquely yours. 


I Thought I Married a Lawyer

Betsy Bulleit

Betsy is wife of Tom Bulleit, founder of Bulleit Bourbon. She is Senior Vice President at Hilliard Lyons, and long-time member of the Blue Grass Trust and supporter of the BGT’s Antiques & Garden Show. 

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“Hidden Treasures in Plain Sight”

Holly Wiedemann

Look around your community; downtown, in neighborhoods, and in different areas of town. I bet you will find vacant and abandoned buildings that just need some vision and TLC! Holly will show you some examples that you might not have considered.  Your community could have just such a project, awaiting a vision and new life.