Preservation Craftsman:  Mike Mullinix

Clay Lancaster Heritage Education:  Billy Jackson Bower

Public Service to Preservation:  Georgetown City Government

Community Preservation:  Gordon Cummins, Kinglander Construction Co.

Special Award:  Widows Watch Golf Course; Citizens for the Bluegrass

Lucy Shropshire Crump Volunteer:  Norma Jean Gibson

Lucy Graves Advocacy:  Lisa Johnson

John Wesley Hunt:  C. Thomas Moore


Preservation Craftsman:  Gilpin Masonry

Public Service to Preservation:  Mayor Dodd Dixon of Winchester

Clay Lancaster Heritage Education:  Ann Bevins

Community Preservation:  Bluegrass Heritage Museum

Special Award renamed Barbara Hulette Award, given to Barbara Hulette

Lucy Shropshire Crump:  Judy Miller

Lucy Graves Advocacy:  Maureen Peters

John Wesley Hunt:  Richard DeCamp


Preservation Craftsman:  Crabtree Restorations, Inc.

Public Service to Preservation:  Isabel Yates

Clay Lancaster Heritage Education:  Patrick Snadon

Community Preservation:  President Lee Todd and the Univ. of KY

Barbara Hulette Award:  Martin Ginnochio and family

Lucy Shropshire Crump Volunteer:  Jay Wightman

Lucy Graves Advocacy Award:  Morgan St. Neighborhood Association, Cadentown Neighborhood Assoc.

John Wesley Hunt:  Majorie Godfrey


Preservation Craftsman:  Jim Hickey

Public Service to Preservation:  Paris Pike Corridor Commission

Clay Lancaster Heritage Educ.: Karl Raitz

Community Preservation Award: Stable of Memories, Inc.

Barbara Hulette Award:  Mike Meuser

Lucy Shropshire Crump Volunteer:  Cora Spence Carrick, Lawrence Mercier

Lucy Graves Advocacy Award:  Preservation Kentucky

John Wesley Hunt: Dr. Thomas Clark


Preservation Craftsman: Phil Gerrow

Public Service to Preservation:  Dean Doerrfeld

Clay Lancaster Heritage Educ.:  Rachel Kennedy

Community Preservation:  The Elm St.-McCracken Pike Preservation Alliance

Barbara Hulette Award:  Anthony and Uma Eardley

Lucy Shropshire Crump:  Maureen Peters

Lucy Graves Advocacy: Libby Jones

Clyde Carpenter Adaptive Re-use Award: (inaugural year of award) EOP Architects and interior designer, Matt Carter

Betty Hoopes Volunteer Service Award:  (inaugural year of award) Judy Miller

John Wesley Hunt Award: Bettye Lee Mastin


Preservation Craftsman:  Roger Springate

Public Service:  Amelia Armstrong

Clay Lancaster:  James D. Birchfield

Community Preservation:  Preservation Kentucky

Barbara Hulette Award:  Wesley Newkirk

Lucy Shropshire Crump:  Mike Meuser

Lucy Graves:  Carl Leonard

Clyde Carpenter Adapt. Re-use:  Rob McGoodwin

John Wesley Hunt:  Dan Rowland


Preservation Craftsman Award:  Miles Miller

Public Service to Pres.:  Bettie Kerr

Clay Lancaster Heritage Educ.:  Yvonne Giles

Community Pres.:  Win Meeker

Barbara Hulette:  Clare Sipple

Lucy Shropshire Crump:  Faith Harders and Robin Fisher

Lucy Graves Advocacy:  Ann Bevins

Clyde Carpenter Adapt. Re-use:  John and Susan Pittman

Betty Hoopes Award:  Bryan Orthel

John Wesley Hunt:  David Morgan


Preservation Craftsman:  Todd Blaydes

Public Service to Pres:  Chris King

Clay Lancaster Heritage Educ.:  Alicestyne Adams

Community Preservation:  First Presbyterian Church

Barbara Hulette Award:  Lynn Cravens

Lucy Shropshire Crump:  Tom Fugate, Tom Flora, Bill Johnston

Lucy Graves Advocacy:  Barbara Hulette

Clyde Carpenter Adaptive Re-use:  Dale Holland, Chris and Terry Kelly

Betty Hoopes Award:  Phil and Trudy Tibbs

John Wesley Hunt:  Betsy Kuster

Special Award: Dick DeCamp


Preservation Craftsman:  Ron Carter and Malcomb Witt

Public Service to Pres:  David Stevens

Clay Lancaster Heritage Educ.:  Rural Heritage Development Initiative

Community Preservation:  AU Associates, Inc.

Barbara Hulette Award: John Hackworth

Lucy Shropshire Crump:  Spence Millard

Lucy Graves Advocacy:  David Stuart

Clyde Carpenter Adaptive Re-use:  Berea College, accepted by Larry Shinn, President of Berea College

Betty Hoopes Award:  Faith Harders

John Wesley Hunt:  Rachel Kennedy


Preservation Craftsman:  Mike Egan and Larry Daviduski

Public Service to Preservation:  Vice Mayor Jim Gray

Clay Lancaster Heritage Education:  Ed Houlihan

Community Preservation:  Preserve Lexington

Barbara Hulette Award: Joanna Hinton

Lucy Shropshire Crump:  Carolyn Hackworth

Lucy Graves Advocacy:  Helen Dedman

Clyde Carpenter Adaptive Re-use: Tom Bullock

Betty Hoopes Award:  Allison Arnett, Andrea Gottler, Denise Nierzwicki

John Wesley Hunt:  Win Meeker